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Importing a car From Uganda to Kenya

This a second series of post where have been looking at cheaper ways to drive a car in Kenya. if you haven't read our previews post on using a Uganda registered car in Kenya you might wanna check it out.

Like we have told you before, Kenya is a corrupt country, and during my recent investigations i have come to find out that there are more than 10,000 vehicles imported in the country but the duty has been paid using a "backdoor." according to a report last year, there have been a syndicate which has been working together with KRA officials to bring in cars using corrupt ways. - Check this POST by the business daily..

I recently overheard a conversation between two men whom i suspected were car sales guys discussing how cheap it is to import vehicles from Uganda, i decided to join in the conversation and what i heard was too sweet to be true but it was.

Although i didn't take any contacts from the guys, it prompted me to write this post and give Kenyans some piece of information. Here is what i learned from the two men.

Since cars in Uganda can be imported if they are more than 8 years old, -unlike our greedy politicians who cant let poor Kenyans own a vehicle - they are worth less than a half of what we buy, for example you can get an Audi which goes for 2 million in Kenya but you can easily get it for Kshs. 800,000 through a backdoor and have it registered for about Shs. 100,000.

I'm not accusing anyone nor am i saying that this credible information, all am sharing with your is what i learned from these two gentlemen.

Legally if you are importing a car from Uganda, you will have to follow the steps i gave in my last post which tends to be more expensive than importing it directly from the source.

Currently a Mazda Demio goes for about 600 - 700 thousand Kenya shillings, but in Uganda, using a loophole you can get it from anywhere between 250 - 350 thousand Kenya shillings.

This made me ask myself, "what a rippoff" by our own leaders. if you ask me their argument is stupid. They Intend to get more funds for the government but they missed the point. If you want to fund the government that way i would suggest making cars even cheaper, thereby almost all Kenyans will own vehicles and become dependent on cars.

If all Kenyans become addicted to using cars, there is no way they will live without them, then you can have car manufacturers settup plants in the country, instead of importing them, which will create more revenue and jobs.

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