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Why Payoneer is a Big Scam

I opened a Payoneer account back in 2016 after my friend, who was doing some freelance work back then told me about this website that could give you a free routing and account number plus a debit card that you could just walk to an ATM and withdraw cash instantly. It sounded too good to be true but i immediately applied and 3 weeks later got my shiny new debit card.

Since i was doing some online marketing and selling stuff back then, i connected my Payoneer account to different merchants to receive payments and everything was good until mid of 2018 when i tried to log in to my account and got a message that my account was blocked. The first thing i did was to try and contact them but then i realized their support was so horrible, i couldn't create a direct  ticket.

The only option was to either call them or create a post on their forum and wait for someone to respond. Since i didn't think it was such a big deal, i decided to create a "ticket" on the forum and wait for an administrator to get back to me.

After two days they wrote back to me and here is the message that i got:
For some reason, i had gone against their terms and conditions and i was not supposed to send any money to my account otherwise it will disappear. So i decided to call them because at this point i knew things were not right. when i called in i spoke to a lady with an Indian accent, who asked me some security questions to verify I was the owner of the account, then she told me i had gone against their terms and conditions and i will never use Payoneer again.

This came as a shock to me and i tried to go back and check in detail what i had done wrong but couldn't find a thing, I called my friend who told me that his 5 year old account was also banned after he logged in from a cyber cafe in town and couldn't get it back.

I decided to let it go until recently - December 2019 - a lady i know, who is a professional writer at upwork.com asked me how she could get her 4 year old Payoneer account back after it was blocked for what she couldn't understand. For the past 4 years, she received money from only one source - upwork.com - only to be met with with the "account block" message when she tried to log in.

I decided to do some digging to the terms and conditions and couldn't find anything that both me and friends did wrong to get our accounts banned, i also checked some forums like reddit and found many complains about the same issue where people have had their accounts banned forever and there is no explanation given.

Payoneer is actually "hiding a dead body" in their terms and conditions and no one, including the regulators cares. I still ask myself many questions, could it be the IP address or an increase in activity that gets most of the people banned? No one will ever know, but i think Payoneer needs to explain to people why they ban accounts forever even after taking all the government issued documents from you.

The worst thing is when they decide to block your account, they keep the money too and there is no way to get it back. When they blocked my account, i was expecting $250 from Wish.com for some items i was selling. When i checked my wish account, the money was sent but i couldn't get access to it.

As long as they give that reason (against terms and conditions) no one will ever do anything to them and they will keep on scamming people for as long as they exist.

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