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Shiny Meltan Returning To Pokemon Go For A Limited Time

Niantic is starting the much-awaited Meltan event for a short period this Wednesday, April 24 that will offer you a chance to catch the shiny Meltan form of the Mythical Hex Nut Pokemon.

Meltan can usually be spawned in Pokemon Go if you have got the Mystery Box opened in the game. The mystery box includes this item once you move a Gen 1 Pokemon to Eevee on Nintendo Switch or Let's Go Pikachu.

Normally, you have to wait seven days to open up the Mystery Box that normally closes after 30 minutes. On the other hand, the Meltan event will allow you to reopen the mystery box after three days. It is a great chance to capture one if you have missed out on it in Feb.

Are you looking for more Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go? As part of the festivities for opening Safari Zone event in Singapore, the exclusive Gen 2 Pokemon Shuckle emerged across the globe from April 20-21. You can use this time to look for Shiny Shuckle and Shiny Latios during exclusive Raid event that will end on April 22.

Niantic plans on organizing Pokemon Go's next Community Day on Sunday, May 19. The event will feature the Torchic Pokemon. 

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