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Verizon discontinues the Wear24 smartwatch just 4 months after launch

Things seems to be a bit hard for some carriers take when they launch new devices, it appears that Verizon has decided to discontinue its Wear24 smartwatch just 4 months after launch.

The Wear24 was released by Verizon back in May after the carrier “purposely” delayedthe expected launch of Samsung's Gear S3, just to make room for its own smartwatch.

But despite the Wear24 benefited from one month of sales before the Gear S3 made its debut at Verizon, it didn't help the carrier's smartwatch. Probably due to low sales or lack of interest from consumers, Verizon decided to stop selling the Wear24.

clients who try to visit the smartwatch's page on Verizon's website are now being redirected to the support page. Well, if we are to take into consideration the number of negative reviews the smartwatch received on Verizon's website, then the carrier's decision seems perfectly justified.

Verizon confirmed to AndroidPolice that it has indeed decided to discontinue theWear24, but if you have purchased the smartwatch it's not yet clear what will happen with the software support.

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