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Overwatch Will be Free To Play From November 18-21

We have seen numerous games which offer their users some form of a test before they purchase,  Overwatch does not offer such an option. Instead players will have to rely on reviews of the game or take a leap of faith and pay upfront price for it then they can see if they will like it.

Although no one knows why Blizzard has not yet introducing a trial system for their fans, the good news is that in the meantime, Blizzard seems to be every now and then introducing some free weekends which allows members of the public try out the game for free. The latest free weekend has been announced and it will run from the 18th of this month until the 21st of November (Monday).

According to the company Blizzard, the free weekend will pretty much grant players access to all games. “For this free weekend, we’re making Overwatch’s full roster of 22 heroes and 13 maps available for play in a variety of modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games, and the latest Weekly Brawl. Gamers will also have the ability to level up, earn Loot Boxes, and unlock a variety of different customization options.”

One more good news for the fans, unlike the previous free weekend which seemed to only apply to the console version of the game, this new announcement will also cover PC gamers, so basically everyone gets to play for free next weekend. Gamers who decide to purchase the game after will want to note that any progress they’ve made over the weekend will be maintained.

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