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VIDEO: Immotor GO Electric Scooter Hits Indiegogo

The Immotor GO is a new high tech electric scooter which is launching  this week via the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

 The scooter which caught everyone's atenttion has been specifically designed to provide an easily transportable, intelligent electric ride which it’s developers say is the future of personal transport.

You can watch the video below to get a sense of what it looks like and learn more about the new electric scooter which is available via Indiegogo.

 It is a whole new personal transport experience, different from any scooter or e-bike to date. Current personal transportation is expensive, clunky, hard to transport, hard to learn, many have quality issues and few are well-designed. Be prepared to completely re-evaluate your definition of the word ‘scooter.’

Designed with style, intelligence and revolutionary power technology, the Immotor GO electric scooter is a head turner, whether it’s folded up in its seamless form or ready to ride with its aerodynamic shape. The Immotor GO comes with LED headlights, GPS tracking, cruise control, digital accelerator and brake controls at your fingertips. And with swappable super batteries you have virtually unlimited power to get you where you are going without waiting.

Immotor GO’s transformative design allows it be used in three different states – Ride, Power Assist or Fold. It can be collapsed into its sleek self-contained case which can be pulled like a small suitcase. We mean it when we say fully portable – you can ride it and carry it with you on the train, bus, CAR or even the plane, then bring it inside with you wherever you end up. You don’t have to worry about where to park it or whether it will be stolen.

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