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Rigs Mechanized Combat League Launches For PlayStation VR

For fans who have been highly anticipating the launched of the new Sony PlayStation VR headset in the form of Rigs Mechanised Combat League, can now afford a smile after the game launched today. 

The game is developed by Gorilla Games.

Samrat Sharma who is the Senior Online Producer at Guerrilla Games has taken to the official PlayStation blog today to provide 8 ways to help you get running as quickly as possible within the new PlayStation virtual reality game.

Watch the trailer in the video below for an overview of what you can expect to enjoy within the new PS VR Rigs Mechanised Combat League game.

Here is the post

1.) Find the Settings That Work for You

Rigs Mechanized Combat League offers a comprehensive tutorial that is designed to slowly introduce you to the mechanics and controls before getting into your first match. The game also includes a VR Comfort Settings menu, which will let you choose between using Head Turning or Stick Turning, as well as toggling the dynamic Visor Mask. Lower screen brightness can also lead to a more comfortable play experience for some players. Experiment with the various options at your disposal and find the configuration you enjoy the most!

2.) Master the Power Modes

All Rigs come equipped with three distinct power modes — Turbo Mode, Repair Mode, and Impact Mode, for increased movement speed, rate of self-repair, and damage output respectively. Learning to switch between these modes as the situation dictates is the key to becoming a champion. Try switching to Impact Mode in a one-to-one fight, or increase speed with Turbo Mode when you’re the ball carrier in Endzone. If you need to take a breather, switch to Repair Mode, and try and hide yourself from active combat for a short while to maximize effect.

3.) Choose the Right Rigs for the Situation

It all comes down to personal preference, but make sure you have a defensive Rig (preferably with high health and stopping power), an offensive Rig (with a lot of damage output, or high rate of fire) and an extremely mobile Rig (high agility, or a Rig that can quickly maneuver). Typically the Sentinel can take a lot of damage, while the Hunter and Mirage are fast ones — with the advantage of height and maneuverability, respectively. You can also use the Tempest to hover and get a good overview of the map and the current match.

4.) Go for Glory

In Single-Player, the difficulty ramps up when you go head-to-head with the better teams in your league, or when you get promoted to higher leagues. Fear not, as Rigs Mechanized Combat League offers more than one way to win — there are standard league fixtures to play through, but also Tournament fixtures which can help you earn cups during your career, and even a Top Gun trophy that is reserved for the pilot with the highest aggregated personal points.

5.) Manage your Sponsors and Fame

Successfully completing trials and matches will earn you credits (V) and fame, which can be used to buy new Rigs and hire better AI pilots. Keep an eye out for top AI Pilots who come with their own Rigs to round out your team. Winning matches and finishing Trials will earn you Fame, which will draw the attention of sponsors, who can offer credits and unique pilot customization items in exchange for completing challenges.

Once you begin to make a name for yourself in the Mechanized Combat League, you will amass followers who closely follow your career progress. The more followers you have, the more famous you become, which unlocks better sponsorships. Try and get enough credits to unlock Rigs early on, so you can get a sense of which style of Rig (chassis type or ability) you prefer in a given situation.

6.) Bring the Bling

Once you get the right sponsors, you can unlock customizations for your pilot. You can also buy specific customization items using the credits you earned. You can try on different suits, helmets, and even visor displays. There are also multiple podium celebrations you can choose from. Try and get the right set that lets you express yourself, so when you win, all eyes are on you!

7.) Communicate with Your Team

The key to winning multiplayer matches is to communicate and coordinate your actions. Remember — getting the most takedowns is less important than scoring the most points. In Endzone, make sure you know who is on defense and who is taking the ball forward, at all times. Try and make sure you call out opponent patterns and formations if you have a Rig chassis type that can get a better view. When you try and score in Powerslam, make sure to call for help if you need cover — being taken down right when you’re about to score that match-winning goal can be painful…

8.) Download the Patch

There is a Day One Patch available for download that enables Private one-on-one matches and Bot Substitutions in online play. There are many feedback and usability additions in the patch, so make sure you download it as it can improve your offline experience as well. If you have a friend who also has a copy of Rigs, it might be a good idea to play a 1v1 private match to get a feel for the pace and intensity of a match with human opponents before venturing into the full 3v3 Draft mode.

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