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Facebook At Work is Finally Here, Renamed Workplace

News bout a special version of Facebook for working professionals started over 20 months ago and Facebook has just finalized everything.

back in 2015 the Facebook confirmed that it was working on this new platform and called it Facebook at Work and it was launched in a beta form.

After 20 months of testing it out, it has now been officially launched today. Facebook has renamed Facebook at Work to just Workplace.

Workplace is similar to the Facebook that more than a billion people use but there is a slight, difference, it helps keep personal and work accounts separate. This enables its users to share things with workmates, and also be part of groups and do much more without worrying about personal and work accounts getting mixed up.

The company has launched Workplace as a desktop and mobile app complete with its own News Feed.

Some other  features include Live video, Reactions, Groups, Chat, video and calling aside from more.

The feature isn't free, the company is going to charge money for this platform. It’s going to charge for Workplace based on monthly active users which it defines as those who open up and use Workplace at least once every month. It’s going to charge $3 per user per month for the first 1,000 users, $2 for the next 1,001-10,000 users and $1 for any and all monthly active users over and above that.

Some businesses that have already signed up to use this platform include the Royal Bank of Scotland, Starbucks, Booking.com, and mobile carrier Telenor.

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