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Paying for Fly540 Flights via Mpesa

Fly540 is one of the leading low cost airlines opering in east and central africa. The airline was officially launched in 2006 and currently serves over 10 towns and cities within the region.

Aprt from offering one of the cheapest air travel in east africa, the airline also offers the best and fastest payment methods for its customers. You can either apy with the traditional method of calling in and booking, use a credit card or just pay with Mpesa which is the easiest methods of all.

Fly540 not only offers an easier payment method but they also have a friendly mobile website, where you can make a booking on the go.

Here is how to pay for your fly 540 air ticket via mpesa.

You will need to have a reference number, which you can obtain after making the booking online, at a travel agent or by calling their reservation.

Go to you Mpesa menu and choose Paybill and enter business number 540540
Enter the business number , then enter the reference number as the account number.
Enter the exact amount, and you are done.

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