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Is the IPhone 7 exploding like the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

After the issue of the The Galaxy Note 7 which was proven to be exploding left and right and center, it looks like another brand has been reported to have issues now. There has been a similar report about Apple’s latest smartphone in some photos posted on the internet. Apparently, an iPhone 7 has exploded in China for no reason at all.

The details of the issue are not available yet. A user on Reddit shared some pictures of the exploded iPhone 7 but didn’t really say how it happened. No one knows if the handset exploded in transit while it was still inside the box or what. It’s all very vague, so we are not taking it seriously for now.

Apple has not mentioned anything on the matter yet and it’s unlikely to, since this could be an isolated incident at the moment. As far as we know, the handset doesn’t seem to have a battery defect that would need a recall like the Galaxy Note 7. That would be really bad, to have two companies going through this scenario. This is likely an isolated incident, but if we hear anything we will let you know.

Via: GG

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