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How to Get the Cheapest Domain Names and Save your Money

if you want to start a website or a blog but your budget is limited, you would want to start off by looking for the cheapest domain name registrar there is out there.

For those living in third world countries like me, you will agree that getting a $10 to buy a domain name can sometimes be very difficult.

Lets go straight to the point, Here is a list of registratar that offer domain names for a dollar or less.

The following price is for .com domains only

Godaddy  Domains $0.99

of cause there is a catch, the domain you buy for $0.99 will be $14 when you renew it. But thats ok, since you would have made money by then, if not then you need to forget about that site and start another one.

Click Here to get Domain from Godaddy at $0.99

1and1 Domains $0.99

1&1 is one of my favorites, you can actually trick them into buying multiple domains for $0.99 using the same credit card, pm me for more.

Click Here to get Domain from 1and1 at $0.99

Znetlive Domain for $0.99

This didn't work for the first time, i had a problem processing payment from my prepaid debit but later worked with a different card. they are super fast and very reliable. (change your IP)

Click Here to get Domain from Znetlive at $0.99

Bigrock Domains for $0.99

Big rock is actually the cheapest on this list, their domains cost R0.99 (rupees) about $.20 but you have to change your IP address to India or anywhere in Asia.

Click Here to get Domain from Bigrock at $0.99

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