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How to Withdraw Money from PayPal to MPESA Instantly for FREE

I know most Kenyan online entrepreneurs have been struggling to cash out their hard earned cash from Paypal instantly especially when they have an emergency they want to solve. In this tutorial i will show you how to cash out PayPal to Mpesa, even though its not absolutely free, its still way cheaper than those people offering withdrawal services at a fee.

There is an option to withdraw paypal to Equity bank but it takes several days an that would not be convenient if you want the money instantly.

With this method you will also have money in your bank account instantly (Forget equity bank)

This short tutorial will teach how to do it yourself and won't require any third party services to withdraw Paypal to Mpesa.

This Method should take you a maximum of 15 Minutes (maybe more if its your first time)

Things you will need

1. Paypal Account (am assuming you already have one , if not head over to paypal.com)

2. Neteller Account (You can use any other service but this is the one i recommend)

3. A Bitcoin wallet (if you don't have one go to localbitcoins.com and open one)

4. A VirWoX account (open one at virwox.com, it takes 2 minutes)


1. Login to your account at localbitcoins.com and copy your wallet address, this is where you will receive the funds. If you have any other wallet then use it.

2. Login to you virwox.com account and buy bitcoins instantly using your Paypal, the method is as easy as 123, in case you get any challenge on How to buy bitcoins, refer to this Tutorial . After purchasing the bitcoins, the money will be send to your wallet and should reflect instantly.

 3.Now we will send the bitcoins to our Neteller account, which is also instant and when it reflects we will have the money in our debit card.

At this point, you already have the money is just a matter of how you want to cash it out, you can either send it directly from Neteller to Skrill- then Mpesa, or you can send it to your ATM card and withdray from anywhere. Alternatively you can go to Xoom and send it directly from your Debit card to Mpesa for free.

(NOTE) When you open a Neteller account, you can either choose to get their online debit card (FREE) or use any other debit card such as NKUMATT Card, Standard Chat card, Coop Bank card, NAIVAS card etc.

if this method doesn't work for you send me a message, there are many other ways to send Paypal to Mpesa instantly but they are private. 

 In case you have any Question drop it in the comments and i will glad to help.

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