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How to Send Money to Kenya's Mpesa from Anywhere in the World

Mpesa is a mobile money transfer service started by Vodafone and its also the largest in the world. What makes Mpesa popular in Kenya and surrounding countries is the convenience it offers to its customers, since you can send, receive, make payments and withdraw anywhere in the country without any hustle.

Mpesa is also a great way to send money to your loved ones in Kenya if you are living abroad, or to make payments in Kenya for goods or services.

Due to its popularity, many international money transfer services have now integrated their services  to send money directly to Safaricom's Mpesa wallet.

Unlike other transfer services which will either take time sending or withdrawing, mpesa is instant. There are thousands of Agent shops in Kenya which are on average between 20 seconds to 2 minutes of users reach. Meaning you can send money from USA and someone can cash the money into his pocket withing 3 minutes.

Here is a list of Money transfer services which allow you to send money directly to Safaricom Mpesa.

Some of these companies only offer transfer service from a mobile app

  1. Worldremit
  2. Skrill
  3. Xoom
  4. Sendwave
  5. Simbapay
  6. Aftabcurrency
  7. Xpressmoney.com
  8. Western union
  9. Sawa pay
  10. Ooredoo.qa
  11. Azimo
  12. Poapay
  13. Eastpesa
  14. Pesasasa
  15. Mobiremit
  16. Useremit
  17. Homepesa
  18. Moneygram
  19. Exchange 4 Free
  20. Sendvalu
  21. Small World
  22. Equitydirectafrica.com
  23. Xendpay.com

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