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How to Call Kenya from US for Less

Before we begin, its good to note that the Kenya Country code is +254

Today we will be looking at the cheapest way to call Kenya from abroad, and specifically from the US. I don't live in the us so i cant tell you how much it costs to call but from what i have heard, its a bit expensive calling Kenya and you would rather have someone call you from Kenya.

Here is the Trick

There are a few options when you want to call someone in Kenya, you can use web services which sometime cost nothing and only use your free internet but they might not be that reliable especially due to the normal voice delay.

Calling Friends and Relatives

So the trick is simple, calling the US from Kenya only costs Kshs. 4 per minute and its fast and clear, the trick is just to buy credit for your relative or friend who is living in Kenya and have them call you.

Calling everybody else for less.

The best option for calling everyone else would be to use paid web services like Skype, which offer rates of as low as $.010 per minute

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