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New Samsung Smart TVs Gaming Service To Launch At the CES 2016

Electronic manufacturer Samsung has announced that it will be showing off an updated gaming service for its 2016 Smart TVs at the International Consumer Electronic show January 2016.

Samsung has said in the updated version, there will be more than 400 streaming games available on its Smart TVs and also 100 downloadable games at launch.

The new additions will include some of the most popular games available out there like Batman and Assassin's Creed among many others.

The company shared the good news to the smart TV lovers via their website;

Samsung will showcase the upgraded game service at CES 2016, enabling download and streaming games through 2016 Samsung Smart TVs. Recent additions include Assassin’s Creed III, Batman: Arkham Origins, and The LEGO Movie Videogame from PlayStation™Now, will be available for gamers to stream games directly through their Samsung Smart TVs. The games available through the service will range from action, sports and racing to role playing game (RPG), first person shooter (FPS) and board games.

The addition of so many game titles will enhance Samsung’s Smart TV GAMES offering even further; so far, its service is being used by gamers in 43 countries, with a record of boasting 4.5 million monthly users – directly reflecting the increasing popularity of gaming in recent years.

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