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Safaricom Web Hosting: How To Set Up a New Website

Safaricom web hosting is a service offered by the company for small and medium sized businesses who wish to launch a website and and email services. Their we hosting is only ideal for startups and offers simple solutions with a great customer support.

If you are thinking of setting up a large site with a lot of traffic, Safaricom web hosting is NOT good for you. their serves cant handle a huge traffic and if they do, it will be a lot more expensive. you will end up paying tripple what you are offered at a regular web hosting company.

The only advantage i have seen with their hosting is the excellent customer support, and a cheap price for their introductory hosting packages. The lowest package you can get costs around Kshs. 599 ($5) this will get you a website, upto 5 email accounts, domain, and about 50MB of disk space.

The best package is their Platinum plan which costs around Kshs. 5000 ($50) which is great for a medium sized company but you will still need a better packaged when you expand since the plan can only handle not more than 3,000 unique visitors daily.

Setting up a site is easy and takes only a few minutes, but you need to have your phone to do so. They currently do not accept payment via a visa or master card, you only have to pay via the Mpesa which is kinda discouraging for those living outside the country.

Here are the Plans

Lite Package- 599 ($6)

50MB Space
5 Email Accounts
3 Sub Domains
2 File Transfer (FTP) Accounts

Bronze Package - 1500 ($15)

500 MB Storage
10 Email Accounts
5 Sub Domains
2 File Transfer (FTP) Accounts

Silver Package - 2500 ($25)

2 GB Storage
50 Email Accounts
50 Sub Domains
5 File Transfer (FTP) Accounts

Gold Package 4,000 ($40)

10 GB Storage
100 Email Accounts
100 Sub Domains
20 File Transfer (FTP) Accounts

Platinum Package 5,000 ($50)

20 GB Storage
200 Email Accounts
200 Sub Domains
30 File Transfer (FTP) Accounts

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