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How to Print Your Mpesa Statement From Safaricom Selfcare

Safaricom Selfcare is an online portal for customers wishing to take more control of their phone accounts. It enables users to monitor their Mpesa transaction and line usage. Apart from just checking you account history, you can also do a few things on the portal like purchasing internet for your phone, redeeming your Bonga points and a few other Do It Yourself  stuff.

Since there are many things you can do on the self care platform, it is advisable to keep things safe. Unlike using it on your phone where there is an authentication procedure, on the self care portal it is just a direct purchase which leaves many vulnerable to simple attacks.

For example an attacker can know how much you have on your Mpesa, divert your calls, bar calls, buy things with your money, the possibilities are endless.  One thing I would strongly recommend is NEVER log in to your Safaricom Selfcare account at a cyber cafe or a public computer.

Enough said, Here is how you can print your Mpesa statement from Safaricom Self care

1. Log into your account if you don't have one click here to register.

2. Once you are in you will see a list of menu on the left side of your screen, click on Mpesa, then Mpesa statement.

3. A small box will pop up (like picture below) select the dates which you want your statement displayed, (Maximum is 6 months)

4. Click where is says "All" for a drop down menu in case you need specific report like ATM withdrawals only or M-Shwari deposits. Click on search and the report will be displayed.

5. On the results page look for a small logo for PDF and click on it and it should download a your report in pdf. Open your downloads and print. Make sure to delete it after you are done.

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