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How to Download a Custom Rom for your Phone

What is a Custom ROM?

A custom ROM is basically a modified version of the Android an operating system. This includes Tweaks, different themes, enhanced performance and features. Custom ROMs normally upgrade your phone with a newer version of  Android  that might usually not be available for your device because of restrictions from manufacturer or mobile service companies.

Apart from just the new features, custom ROMs also make your device able to accept other apps that are not are normally available for your phone or are restricted or blacklisted by Android.

I assume you all know how to install a custom ROM, but for dummies, you can refer to our post on How to Install a custom ROM.

Understanding Custom ROM Versions and How to download the right one

There are risks associated with installing a custom ROM, your phone might brick and become unusable. But if you follow the right steps and download and install the right ROMs you are safe.  Custom ROMs are constantly improved by the designers, they normally come in four different categories: Nightly, Milestone, Release Candidate and Stable.

Finding the Source

 The best place to find a working one for your device is the XDA-Developers forum, we also have a few and new collection of custom ROMs that we usually list them here, in case you cant find one, please PM us and we will hook you up.

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