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Meizu set to announce three new devices on Jan 27

After releasing their high-end Meizu MX4 and Meizu MX4 Pro, and the M1 note (also known as Blue Charm Note), the Chinese phone manufacturer is getting ready to announce something new in the end of the month.

A new video, posted on Ubuntu China weibo page suggests that there will be not one, but three new devices on display.

Many say that the inscription on the teaser says “Lucky Three” or "Three Happiness", which suggests there will be three products announced on the 27 of this month.

The whole idea can be a misinterpretation, as a subsequent comment by the image poster roughly translates to "Notice the color, not the three".

Meziu has been long expected to announce an Ubuntu smartphone so it won't be a wild guess if we assume that this announcement has something to do with Ubuntu for phones.

Ubuntu for devices was announced exactly two years ago but it has so far failed to make a dent on the mobile industry landscape even though it has been available for developers and manufacturers for more than a year now.

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