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TCL To purchase a stake in HTC

TCL Chairman Li Dongsheng has a post on his Weibo account in which he hints a possible tie-up between HTC and his company. In the post, Dongsheng expresses his admiration for Cher Wang, who is the founder and chairman of HTC and suggests that both companies could pose a serious threat to the likes of Apple and Samsung.

This isn't the first time TCL's Chairman hints at operations behind the scenes in this Weibo account. Sometime in the past, he noted made a small indication of TCL's partnership with Baidu on the TV front.
Back in 2004, TCL invested €55 million in Alcatel's phonemaking business in return of 55% shareholding and a year later bought the remaining 45% for $8.1 million. Now, 9 years later, Alcatel is doing nicely and showcased some great smartphones at IFA 2014.

HTC's latest quarter results show the company only managed to return a profit thanks to tightening its belt and cutting costs. The same way to what it did with TCL and Alcatel could invest a considerable amount of money in HTC resulting in the phonemaker having more room to breathe and produce great products.

Via: Gsmarena

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