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Google+ to Roll out Support for Polls

Last Month Google acquired Polar, a new startup dedicated to polling. At that particular time it was revealed that the team would be joining Google+ in order to help “make the social network even more awesome” Google’s words. At that timeIt was not exactly clear how the team will contribute, though it looked obvious it would have something to do with their polling idea. With this in mind, Google’s Dennis Troper has officially announced that a new polling feature is rolling out to Google+.

In normal Google fashion, it may take a few days before the option is fully rolled out to the web and Android versions of Google plus, but once it is available, you’ll see an option for creating a poll anytime you create a new post. The polls will allow up to five questions and can be complimented with photos to “make them beautiful and engaging.” There will also appear to be some different layout options as well.

While this isn’t exactly a great feature, it could be useful for those wanting to see what other G+-ers think about various topics and could be particularly useful for businesses looking to engage their audience in a new way.

Via:  Androidauthority

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