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Swarovski-studded Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit unveiled

Just a month after Samsung showed it, the Swarovski for Samsung collection is now official. This will mark the start of the latest chapter in the collaboration between the jewelry company and the phone maker and brings a couple Swarovski-made crystal-coated back panels for the Galaxy S5 and different Charm Sliders for the Gear Fit.
Swarovski-studded Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit unveiled

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Swarovski back panel is made using a patented application process in which Swarovski Crystal Fine Rocks are integrated into the back cover. It also comes with two crystal effects as an additional design feature.

The Gear Fit Charm Sliders will come in Siam Heart, Light Rose Heart, Crystal Skull, Anthracite Skull, Crystal Star, Blue Star and Golden Shadow Lips and are available in a variety of colors - Brown, Golden Shadow and Crystal.

The Swarovski for Samsung collection will launch on Samsung's online store in Korea and China. Users in the UK and US will follow shortly after and starting on May 22 the collection is expected to be available in walk-in Samsung stores as well.

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