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Retailer Tesco To make its own Android phone

Tesco which is the biggest retail store in all of Britain and it looks like they want to try to get into the smartphone game

The retailer recently released their own Hudl tablet, which they managed to sell more than 500,000 units of the device. The success they had led them to plan to create their own Android smartphone.

So what will make the Tesco phone different from every other Android handset out there? Not much is known about the tech specs of the Tesco phone, but it will come pre-loaded with thestore-centric apps. Don’t be surprised if you find a virtual coupon book application, special offer alerts, and a barcode scanner as part of the pre-installed software package.

It might seem strange that a retailer would release their own smartphone (imagine a Wal-Mart phone?) but Tesco seems to know what they’re doing if their previous tablet sales are any indication. The retailing giant has even plans on releasing a follow up to the Hudl later this year.

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