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IK Multimedia iRing Motion Controller Now Official

DJs and Musicians now have something to smile about after IK Multimedia officially released iRing motion controller, first unveiled back in CES 2014 in January.  The iRing motion controller has already hit the shelves and can be purchased for €19.99.  It comes in a range of colors which includes white, grey and green.

The IK Multimedia iRing motion controller is designed to enable users to control iOS music applications and effects without having to physically touch their iOS devices.

The iRing as you might have guessed by the name supports all Apple iOS devices including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and the innovative iRing motion controller uses patented image recognition technology. As well as the precise geometric positioning to determine the exact position of the ring as the user makes gestures in front of the iOS device. You can watch the video below for a preview.

“The iRing app uses the front-facing camera on your device and advanced volumetric positioning algorithms to recognise and determine the exact position of the ring in relation to the selected device camera. This precise reading of the position of the ring is converted by the app into music or MIDI control messages. So in essence, iRing and the iRing companion apps track your movements and convert them into useful info your apps use to change things.

Because movements can be recognized along the three axis, with two rings you can control up to six parameters simultaneoulsy. On top of movements also certain gestures are recognized (like the rotation of the ring) greatly enlarging your music expression possibilities.”

For more information on the new iRing motion controller jump over to the IK Multimedia website for details and to order for $19.99.

Source: IK Multimedia

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