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How to Delete Your Gmail Account

Sometimes you may want to completely move to another email provider, or you feel like you no longer need an email service or any other reason that may make you want to completely delete your Gmail account. When this time arrives just follow to steps below to completely cancel you Gmail account and delete all the associated Gmail address:
1. Log into your Gmail account

2. Go to Google Account Settings.

3. Go to the Data tools page.

4. Click on Delete products under Account management.

5. Click on Remove Gmail permanently under Delete a Product.

 You can also decide to close account and delete all services and info associated with it to remove your entire Google account - which includes your search history, Google Adwords, iGoogle page, and AdSense as well as other Google services.

    Enter an email address which is different from the address
    associated with the account you are closing under New primary
    email address which will become your new Gmail account – this
    helps you to complete the removal process.(make sure that you enter
    an email address that you have access to)

6. Enter email address  in the current Gmail address and click on “remove Gmail”

7. Log in to the secondary email you provided and click on the link sent to you, enter your password and click “verify” you are done.

Note: this process cannot be undone so make sure you know that you want to delete it.

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