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Dropcam Can Now Tell the Difference between a Cat and a Person with New Update

Dropcam is a cool device that can be used for home or office security. The camera, which is motion activated can send notifications to you if motion detected in the surrounding. The challenge for users who have pets is that the camera couldn’t tell the difference between a thief and a cat or other pet.
The company has an update coming this summer that will use a new algorithm to give the camera the ability to tell if your cat is just prancing around the house or if someone is stealing your stuff. The objective is to reduce or eliminate the number of false notifications. This new algorithm studied free videos online to learn the difference between animals and people.

Along with the announcement of the new algorithm, Dropcam also has brand new motion sensors. The motion sensors sell for $29 each and are called Tabs. They are made weatherproof and can be positioned anywhere.

 They are made to last for up to two years with a single battery. Sensors will connect to an existing Dropcam using Bluetooth Low Energy and they have uses outside security. They can be also used to monitor motion for any need.

Via Engadget

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