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Compliant MOA goes cashless ahead of July deadline

Bus Company compliant MOA has launched a new form of payment method for its customers. The new cashless payments will make it the first transport company to do so in Kenya, way before the official  switch which is expected to star in July across the country.

The company which operates along Ngong road has rolled out “1963 Travel Card” which is also dubbed jinice after the stop of Beba pay card they started off with early last year.

Compliant MOA
Compliant MOA has said that they will be guiding their customers on how to migrate to the new card payment system and inform them of the advantages that with the card usage.

The new system is expected to benefit both the company and the customers as it will minimize the loss incurred through changing loose cash and theft by the employees.

The new card which is NFC enabled will let the conductor charge customers by tapping on a Smartphone and an instant receipt is generated upon a successful payment.

 Customers will also have a great advantage as the company will allow  them borrow up to 300 shillings loan for emergencies and gain of loyalty points; 1 point for every 1 shillings used.
The generated receipt will have details of the transaction i.e. the name of the conductor, time of travel, registration of the vehicle, route and the remaining balance in your account.

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