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Apple discontinues the iPhone 4, again

iPhone 4
Earlier this year the Times of India brought news that Apple was resurrecting the iPhone 4 starting 2014, but now things have changed again. One of the three leading Apple partners in the country said that the older model helped Apple doubled their user base.

That partner and two others reported that Apple will not be providing new supplies of the old model. According to the reports, the iPhone 4 will be discontinued in other regions where it was still available.

Apple's two budget models (the 4 and 4s rather than the 5c) helped the company reach record sales in India, China, Russia and Brazil.

The iPhone 4 served as an "ugly duckling" to make the 4s look better. The company launched a buyback program that offered $100 back, which reduced the price gap between the iPhone 4 and 4s to just $50.

That buyback program is now over as the 4s becomes the new budget offering.

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