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HTC One 2014 start selling before the Announcement

HTC is going to unveil the HTC One 2014 (M8) today in simultaneous events in London and New York. And while Carphone Warehouse in the UK and a couple of carriers in the US have announced they will get the first batch of HTC One 2014 units minutes after the smartphone goes official, an online US retailer has beat them. Welectronics already has the HTC One (M8) in stock and ready for shipping.
 HTC One 2014

The cost for getting the smartphone early is rather high though - $999.99. The store has an unboxing video to prove that it has actual handsets. A close inspection of the video suggest the retailer actually has the Verizon HTC One 2014 model, which might not work everywhere else around the world.

About two weeks ago a similar Verizon unit hit eBay for $499.99 and quickly found a lucky owner. It seems Verizon is the one to blame for quite a few of the recent leaks of the device and it should have handled the whole situation better.

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