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Motorola working on a 6.3 inch Phablet

Motorola recently unveiled the Moto X, they are also about to release the Motorola DVX, and now it would appear that they have a Motorola Phablet in the works.

According to a recent report, Motorola is working on their new 6.3 inchPhablet, which according to rumours, will be called the Motorola Xplay, as of now there are not very many details on the specifications of the device.

The new Motorola phablet is expected to launch sometime next year, and Motorola are apparently also working on a follow up device to the Motorola Droid Ultra.
Moto X

The replacement for Motorola Droid Ultra  is said to be called the Motorola Droid Quantum, it is not clear at this point whether this is a codename for the device or whether it will be the final device name.
At the moment we do not have any information on the specifications of the Motorola Droid Quantum, what we do know about the device is that it is also expected to launch in 2014.

Both of these devices are expected to launch early in 2014, which means that we could see some sort of official announcement from Motorola in February at Mobile World Congress 2014.

As soon as we receive some more information on the new Motorola Xplay and the Motorola Droid Quantum, including some actual photos of the devices we will let you know.

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