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LG G Flex leaks on video, more images

Following the LG G Flex leaked renders in the past week, now the curved-screen smartphone has been shown in a talk show over at the Argentinian TV station Telefe. Journalist Federico Ini has leaked the additional live photos of the G Flex for everyone to see.

In the video, the LG G Flex gets a good amount of air time, showing its curved display. It's reported that the screen is 6" full HD curved OLED and as you can see from the video below it looks pretty good.

Additionally, the video shows that the G Flex sports the same back-sided button configuration as the LG G2. The Power-Lock key is seen in the middle of the volume rocker. Just above the physical keys is located the 13MP camera with LED flash.

According to Federico, LG will launch the G Flex in South Korea and the company not planning to release it elsewhere. Pricing is unknown at this time, but if the Samsung Galaxy Round is any indication it won't be cheap as expected.

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