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Google Shopping search now show localized results

While updating the search results for a specific product, Google has now localized the shopping experience with Google Shopping. Simply type the name of a product and you might find an ad from a local merchant. The ad that appears might have a link to the retailer's website where you can preview the product before visiting the actual store. 

Google Shopping

Details on Google's commerce blog give an example of how someone looking at some fragrance might find a link to a local store where he can find pricing, availability, see similar products, get the hours of the mortar and brick store, and call it if necessary.

The product information including pricing and availability come from the Google Merchant Center, which will get its information directly from retailers. Those same retailers pay for the Product Listing Ads on a cost per click terms. Right now, this detailed information is available for a limited number of retailers, but  don’t worry, on the Google Commerce site there is a form retailers can fill out to be included in the local shopping service.

The new focus on local retailers should help both the retailers and the customers who might want to use Google to find local stores that have a specific product. This way the actual transaction can be done at a store near the buyer so that the product can be seen up close and physical before it is purchased.

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