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Google Glass XE10 Update Rolls Out, Brings Viewable Directions and Links.

Google yesterday released a new update for their revolutionary eyewear in the form of the new Google Glass XE10 update, which brings new features that allow users to use viewable links inside notifications as well as see transit directions for users to enjoy and use.
Google Glass

A new feature within Google Glass XE10 update will now allows links inside notifications to be clicked and visited within SMS messages, tweets, emails and Google+ notifications to name a few.
This new feature added to the Google Glass eyewear has been highly request by Google Glass users for some time and will make following up on email or messages much easier from within the Google Glass user interface.

Another great feature rolled out in the latest Google Glass update includes the newly added transit directions for the city dwellers. Google Glass will now automatically reveal directions to users using the method of transport you last used.

However the new transit directions feature is not available to all Google Glass users and is only available in specific areas at this time. To see if your area is supported by Google Glass head over to the Google support.

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