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Apple’s iPhone 5S Motion Sensor Issues Discovered

According to a revelation by the guys at Gizmodo technology site, the new Apple iPhone 5S smartphone might have a few issues with its sensors, that will need tweaking and correcting by Apple.
Since the release of the device Gizmodo have carried out a series of tests on the Apple iPhone 5S sensors and revealed that the Gyroscope, Level, Compass and Accelerometer all provide different and incorrect results when tested.
iPhone 5S

The Apple iPhone 5S sensors were found to provide inconsistent measurements during the Gizmodo tests and the issues seem to be widespread throughout the applications and sensors in the new Apple iPhone 5S smartphone.

The Apple iPhone 5S sensor issues might either be a hardware or software problem, if it’s a software issue then Apple should be able to tweak the iOS 7 operating system to correct the issues. However if this extends to hardware, this might be a little harder to correct.

For more details on the new Apple iPhone 5S sensor issues and Gizmodo’s finding head over to the Gizmodo website for details.

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