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Apple's iOS 7.0.3 arrives, includes iCloud keychain and motion fixes

Alongside new gadgets and Mac releases, Apple on Tuesday quietly released an iOS update that brings new features and fixes others.

iOS 7.0.3, which went out as a free update yesterday, brings back iCloud Keychain -- a feature that was originally meant to launch alongside iOS 7 last month, but did not make it into the final release.

iCloud Keychain stores information like log-ins and credit card information synced up and available between  the different devices. That comes with a new feature in Safari for iOS that can generate complex passwords.
Alongside this new feature, Apple also beefed up an older one that disabled some of the snazzy new visual effects in iOS 7. Which includes the parallax shifting that occurs while users move their device around, as well as the animations that have application icons falling down onto the screen every time the device is unlocked.

Those animations were causing issues for some users, who found them to be majing them dizzy. This new option ditches the zooming between apps and other system menus, in favor of a  much simpler cross fade effect.

Other improvements include a tweak on the lock screen that delays when it pops up the "slide to unlock" language for iPhone 5S users with the Touch ID system enabled, as well as bringing back an option to search from the Web and Wikipedia from within the built-in Spotlight search tool.

iOS was was released to users last month. Previous updates focused on ironing out some early bugs, including a security issue that allowed users to unlock devices without a passcode.

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