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Samsung Galaxy Smartphone With Curved Display Confirmed

Two days ago there was a rumor that Samsung is about to launch a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 handset with a flexible display. Samsung has now confirmed this report and said they will announce a new smartphone next month that will feature a curved display.

Samsung’s head of marketing, D.J. Lee said at a press briefing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch in South Korea that Samsung intends to launch the device this October.
Samsung Galaxy Smartphone With Curved Display Confirmed

“We plan to introduce a smartphone with a curved display in South Korea in October,”

In January this year, Samsung inc which has emerged to be a global smartphone leader showed off prototype products with a flexible display that extends from the side of a device and we are not sure whether these are the said devices.

It is not yet clear whether this device is a totally new model or just a version of the note 3 as rumors have it. 

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