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8GB Nexus 4 Goes out of stock permanently

Its just recently when Google dropped the price of the Nexus 4, which saw the 8GB model dropping to $199 in the US. Just as one could have guessed, this was just to clear the stock of the device and that is exactly what has happened.
Nexus 4

The 8GB model has permanently gone out of stock on the US Play Store and won't be sold hereafter. The device will still be available in other markets but only until stock lasts.So if you are thinking of getting yourself on this might be the chance.

The 16GB model, meanwhile, will continue to sell for $249 and is your next best bet if you still want to own the Nexus 4. In fact, it has always been your best bet as the 8GB model had far too little storage space for all but the most undemanding users.

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