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20 Untapped High PR Backlink Sites

When most people think of creating backlinks, the first thing they think of is blog commenting, blog directories and so forth, what you probably don't know is that you can actually get a free high page rank backlink from a document sharing site. Unlike blog commenting where you might loose it if you mistakenly rank to a flagged site, these backlinks will never get you in trouble. here is a list of 20 high google page rank sites to link to.

1. scribd.com
2. docstoc.com
3. slideshare.net
4. crocodoc.com
5. Issuu.com
6. docshare.com
7. wepapers.com
8. myplick.com
10. slidesix.com
11. gotomyfiles.com
12. my.huddle.net
13. twidox.com
14. pex.webexone.com
15. docuter.com
16. slideboom.com
17. authorstream.com
18. slidelive.com
19. slideserve.com
20. slideburner.com

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