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Tips To Easily Increase Loading Speed of Your Website

Since Webisite  optimization is becoming more and more complex each day, sticking to right practices and doing them right is the best way to make sure you are on the right side of the divide. Increasing the Speed of your site is one of those simple yet effective things that can persuade search engines to like your site.

A website that loads faster is crawled easily by both search engines and humans, therefore increasing traffic and  search engine rankings. here are a few tips to follow when you want to male your site faster.

1. Minimize the number of http requests that are needed to load your page properly.

2. Compress the image files, use different formats like PNG for high quality transparent, GIF for logos and JPG for photographs.

3. Remove white spaces between codes minify the HTML, CSS and Javascript contents that are not edited regularly.

4. Go for a CDN (Content delivery network) to boost up the overall speed of page loading.
5. Gzip and deflate to compress the contents.

6. Use instead of @import to avoid additional pressure on page loading.

7. Style sheets and contents should load on priority basis to hold the interest of the visitor.

8. Scripts and function related stuff should be in the last row of loading list. You need to first impress the visitors then offer them means of interaction.

9. Use latest versions of softwares and plugins.

10. Enable browser caching.

11. Use CSS instead of using inline coding.

12. Remove unnecessary flash contents and keep the JavaScript parsed while the page is loading to a minimum level.

13. Bring bulk amount of images like  header, footer, sidebar and icons under the usage of CSS sprites.

14. Do not over do with Embeds; although they are excellent for better data comprehension and extra visual appeal,  Just make sure you don't use too many of them can make the page awfully slow.

Speeding up the site by changing your current hosting plan:

If you do not have much scope for applying any of the above systems, then contact your current hosting provider to see what packages they have to upgrade your server plans:
Virtual Private Server - a better option than shared hosting, budget friendly.
Dedicated Server Hosting - one of the most expensive and effective hosting process, needs advanced knowledge for maintenance.
Cloud Server Hosting - very effective, fairly expensive, needs moderate maintenance.

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