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LG G2 launch event goes awry in Korea

It was last week when LG officially announced their latest smartphone, the LG G2. considering that the G2 will be the company’s flagship smartphone for now, naturally LG is doing everything they can to get the word about the device and has probably spent a lot of money on marketing and promotions, but it looks like over in South Korea, LG’s marketing stunt might have actually pot rayed a  negative light onto the company and its product, rather than casting them in a positive light.
LG G2 launch

Basically what LG did was that the released a bunch of balloons into the sky with the balloons containing vouchers which would give winners a free handset. Since we can’t fly, the next best thing would be to shoot these balloons down, which some in the crowd attempted to do with BB guns, but unfortunately this resulted in innocent bystanders getting shot by accident rather than the balloons. LG has since apologized for the fiasco and will cover the cost of medical fees, with future events to be cancelled. 

Source Urbergizmo

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