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How to Share Files easily with Google Docs

Google docs allows you to upload, organize and share files with friends, you dont need to save anything in your hard drive in order to edit or email someone you can just do it from the control panel. here is a simple way to share files in google docs.

Log in into your Google Docs account (just use your Gmail account) and locate the document you want to share.

Open the "Share" option. If you're viewing the document itself, click the blue "Share" button near the top of the document you want to share. If you're viewing your document file list in Google Docs, make sure you check the box next to the document you want to share and then click the "More" drop-down menu near the top; there you can select "Share," then "Share" again.

Select the person or people you want to share the file with. You can click the "Choose from contacts" link to open another window and select contacts from your address book, or you can simply begin typing a name or email address from your address book and that person's contact information will automatically fill. Another option is to type individual email addresses separated by a comma.

Click the drop-down menu to the right of each person you're sharing the file with to specify one of three access privileges given. "Can edit" allows will allow recipients to view and alter the document as well as add comments that don't actually alter the contents of the document. "Can comment" will only allow recipients to view the document and add comments to them. "Can view" allows recipients to view the document but not edit it or add comments.

Click "Share & save" to share the document.

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