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How to Create a Compelling "About Us" page

When people visit your website, one of the first things they're going to want to know is what your company is all about. While on the home page of your site you will certainly give them the general idea, the "About Us" page gives you an opportunity to go into a little more detail about who you really  are, and what you stand for, and what your business aims to achieve. Below are five ways to make an About Us page that people will remember.

1. Bolster credibility. 

Nowhere is it more appropriate to toot your own horn than on your About Us page. If you have other special skills, have won some awards, or belong to some professional organizations, this would be the place to mention it. You might also want to include a short history of your company, and especially if there's some prestige there.

2. Remember your company tone.

When talking about your company, it is important to remain consistent with the tone you've chosen for all your communications. Whether it is formal and professional, casual and relaxed, or somewhere in between that, just keep your About Us page in line with that to avoid confusing the reader.

3. Decide on an appropriate point of view.

are you thinking of introducing each member of your team individually, or do you want to do more of  a general overview of the staff? Again, this may depend on the tone, as well as how many people you have in the office. If it's just a casual environment and there are only a few members of staff, you might wanna do individual introductions, if it's a larger office or a more formal one, an overview might be better.

4. Be honest. 

This goes hand-in-hand with credibility. It can be tempting to pad out your About Us page in the same way that people sometimes pad out their résumés, being a bit creative with the truth to make things sound grander than they really are. There isn't need to do this, and in fact it can end up hurting you when visitors start to smell something fishy (and they will!). Simply keep it real - people will appreciate that a lot more.

5. Make yourself readily available. 

There's nothing more frustrating than a business website that doesn't have easy-to-use contact information in an obvious place. Don't make people have to dig for your email address or contact form; displaying it prominently on your About Us page lets people know you're focused on good customer service.
Does your website have an appropriate About Us page? How long has it been since you updated the information there?

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