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3 Traffic Generation Tips for Blogs

You should always be looking at ways to generate website traffic if you have a website. Without traffic, you can't be able to get any income. The good thing is that there are free ways to generate traffic to your site. The following are 3 top and free ways to drive traffic to your site are video marketing, forum participation and marketing.

Video Marketing

Videos are an excellent way to drive traffic to your site because they are so popular right now. Q&A, "How to", talking head and slide shows are some of the types of videos that you can create. The content of your videos can come from your blog posts or articles and free reports. You need to make sure that you always redirect your viewers back to your site. YouTube is a good place to host your videos because it is ranked very high in the search engines. More people go to YouTube to search for information.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is also another great way to drive traffic to your site. Your articles should be related to your niche and contain useful and relevant information. Write about topics that you are very familiar with. If you are providing good content, your readers will be happy to visit your site. Write articles that give tips and guidelines related to your niche.

Make sure you include a resource box at the end of your article that links them back to your site. Write a short story about yourself and your site. If you give information-laden and interesting post, they will likely go to your site for more information.

Forum Participation

You should already be a part of forums that are related to your niche. You can decide to network with people, gain information and share important information. The good thing is that forum participation only takes a few minutes daily. Most of the forums allow you to create a signature that can include a link back to your website. This is basically free advertising.

Share your opinions and let people see how knowledgeable you are about your niche. This will help to build your reputation and also build the reputation of your site. You will gain trust and your site will be visited frequently.

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