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How to maximize your Blog Traffic

Blog traffic is one of those things that every blogger never get satisfied of. even those who are enjoying success in the blogging world still need more traffic to their blogs. We all are always looking to generate more visitors to our blogs. To make sure that you continue to build more traffic everyday, Here are a few ways you can maximize your traffic while doing the things you should be doing anyhow.

Blog Commenting

Commenting on related blogs and taking part in the conversation is an easy way to generate more traffic to your blog. If you are providing quality content through your comments people will click your link to see your blog. You will be generating back links at the same time and increasing your reputation within your niche.

Article directories

Using the article directories does not have to be hard. As an active blogger you are already creating quality content. Repurposing your current content into quality articles only takes a few minutes. Submitting them to the directories with a quality signature link with a good call to action can add visitors. The power of duplication comes into play here as people pick up your content for their newsletters and posts sending even more visitors to your blog.

Forum posting

Forums are a great place to do research for topics for your blog. Taking part in the conversations there and having a link to your blog in your signature (where allowed) will let you generate traffic while doing the research to create more quality content.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking using some of the bigger sites like Digg, Stumble Upon and others can be an excellent traffic draw. The key is to bookmark others good content. This will build trust in your recommendations and increase the chance of people clicking through to read your post. Once you have these set up it takes very little extra time to do this during the course of your day.


Using automation makes it easy to let your Twitter followers know when you have added new content. The key here as with forums and social bookmarking is to be sharing other quality content and not just yours. The more value you provide the more likely people will follow your recommendations.
All five of these are easy to add into your normal day. Make it a habit and you will soon be maximizing the traffic you get with minimal extra effort.

Author Amit Gwan 

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