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LG Electronics Brings Paypal to its Smart TV Platform

LG Electronics has made it easier for people to purchase from the comfort of their homes by introducing PayPal to streamline TV App and service purchase.  This integration will allow Paypal users to directly log in into their existing Paypal accounts and avoid the hustle of having to enter credit card, billing and shipping information into their TV every time they want to purchase goods or services.
LG Paypal
Image credit: LG electronics

"LG and PayPal will create a more user-friendly Smart TV experience, enabling the user to make faster, more secure digital payments,” said Richard Choi, the vice president of smart business centre at LG Electronics."

“PayPal significantly reduces the number of steps the user has to take in order to complete a transaction; saving them time by eliminating the need to enter credit card and address details for each subsequent purchase. Moving forward, it will also make it possible for LG to better integrate digital commerce with first-class home entertainment.”

"PayPal has been redefining both online and offline commerce, and television represents a dynamic channel for reaching consumers when they’re receptive to making a purchase or donating to a cause,” said Randall Davies, senior director of global business development at PayPal. “We see Smart TV as a high-potential platform for commerce in the coming years, and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront with LG in integrating the ease, security and functionality of PayPal directly into LG Smart TVs.”

This new integration is currently available in U.S, Canada and the U.K with those in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia expected to join later this month.

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