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How To Deal With Criticism On Your Blog

Even though people have been taught to learn from criticism, it is just inevitable that a blogger can't keep from feeling discouraged after one of their followers posts a negative opinion on a piece they worked so hard on. Worse even, this would ruin their morale and willpower to continue blogging if they are just starting out; some of them feel so discouraged that they even cease writing for good. It is not armatures alone who are criticized by their audience; even reputable bloggers receive caustic comments amid a streak of positive reviews but they keep on going. So, how exactly do you deal with criticism on your blog?

To get up after the blow, you first have to understand why people criticize blog posts. Frankly, there is no way or solution to avoid a negative comment even if it is occasional. Instead, you have to deal with it tactfully so that you benefit. Here are a few points to give you the limelight.

It should not be taken personally 

Ever felt hurt after someone questioned your competence in a field you are so talented in? That is exactly what happens the moment you get a criticizing comment on your blog. You feel like someone is jealous and just wants to hurt you although this is from your perspective after you react. Truth is, most people who criticize you in their comments are not trying to hurt you but just giving their opinion although there are not tactful. What seems to be a rude might be from someone who is trying to be helpful but can't do it politely. If you took it personally, you would miss their point and end up making the same mistake they tried to warn you about.

Allow yourself to get hurt 

Criticism on your blog can be compared to a disappointing grade after a test you worked so hard for. The only difference is that a grade reflects how well you did a test and does not leave room for ambiguities. If someone allows themselves to get hurt after failing in a test, they will probably correct their mistakes in the next one. However, if you tried to prevent yourself from getting hurt you would end up blaming the failure on the administrator who marked your paper. Same thing with your blog; appreciate the critic's comment and embark on corrections.

Benefit from the criticism 

It is funny, but people get hurt when criticized if the statement made by a follower about their blog is true. Take it as advice and embark on making the changes they suggested instead of feeling like the follower is questioning your competence. The good thing about it is that making the changes helps you get over the criticism and move on with your blogging endeavors.

Some people have no skill in presenting their opinions

You might have realized that some of the criticism is presented in such a manner that you even feel good after reading it. It is not a surprise that most bloggers even thank such followers and end up maintaining good rapport with them. Unluckily, not everyone is capable of communicating their views politely. The only solution is to move on and make the changes they suggested even if it was done in a rude way.

Take it lightly 

There is not a single blogger who does not receive criticism. Even the very reputable professionals have those moments when they receive an angering comment but they have learnt to deal with it and move on. In other words, you should be prepared for such disheartening moments so that you won't feel discouraged when one shows up. If you do not feel hurt, then it is an indication that you can't find any mistake on your blog and would prefer not making any changes. However, if you feel that you must to such a post, do it politely.

You should always put it in mind that comments are a good way to call your prospects into action. If someone criticizes a post, you could even get them to be a supportive follower by making a suggestion for them to make checkout a new post on which you made the changes they wanted you to in a reply.

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Jason Smith is an online manager for Hitches. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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