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Fantom 4: A glass Screen Protector for Your LG Nexus 4

If you want to keep your LG Nexus 4 free of scratches and smears, this new Fantom 4 screen protector could be the kind of accessory to buy.

The new Fantom 4 is a thin sheet of tempered glass that is both scratch and fingerprint resistant. Apart from just protecting your phone from dirt and simple screen damages, it also protects against drops, which means it can increase the life of your smartphone.

This 0.4mm screen protector can be removed and repositioned if need be, plus the edges are beveled to help against getting caught on things like your pocket.

Price: $34.99


Surface hardness of 8H (with the hardest being 10H) keeps scratches non-existent

Thickness of .4mm allows you to maintain a slim and sleek profile

Special coating that resists oily residue from staying on the screen

Beveled edges keep you safe from cracked & chipped edges

Real glass for an OEM experience

Ultra-Clear design

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