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Facebook to Start Charging Users

Facebook has started charging users to contact celebrities and people outside their friends list. Prices can vary based on the fame. Users can pay up to 10 pounds to send a message directly to a persons inbox with an automated alert.

According to the company, the move is aimed at preventing spam. Although this looks like a valuable service charged accordingly, there are still some mixed reactions from users with some saying that this somehow goes against what Facebook stands for as a free communication social network.

Free basic communication still stands and people will still continue to chat with their friends, send free messages and even get all the other free services like notification to their phones, but if you need to talk to Harle Berry, Snoop Dogg or whoever your celeb is, you need to cough out up to 10 punds or more.

Users can pay for this service online with a credit or debit card and receive the services instantly. The service is restricted to persons over 18 years.

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