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Best SEO Tips for 2013

If you have been running a blog or just a website for sometime, you probably know that criteria for website's ranking always change; some SEO tips get more priority, while others become less important. Obviously, it's almost impossible to keep your website on the top, unless you're on the peak of the latest SEO tips for 2013.

Below  are top SEO tips for 2013 that will help your site improve rankings in Search engine ranking


 Google plus is becoming more and more popular, every day both big and small businesses join this social networking platform. There is no doubt that these communities will grow and their influence on rankings will rise as well. Join communities based on your  interests on Google plus as well as create and build a community of interested followers. Always remember that community is a place for link opportunities and links are the golden rule of SEO.


Content is probably one of the SEO tips which is always get the highest priority. Search engines love quality and fresh content and the quality content is measured by being sharable, linkable and commendable. always remember to write quality and fresh content, engage your fans and make them want to return and bookmark your site.

Disavow link tool

Bad links can make your website get reindexed by google, you can use Google's disavow link tool in which is located at Google Webmaster tools to get rid of unnatural links or any links that might look suspicious to you to avoid spam issues.


Today, search engine optimization and social media have become almost inseparable. It's hard to imagine a business that doesn't have an official page on big social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Different companies and brands need to pay in order to promote their posts on Facebook as the website's Edgerank algorithm is changing.

Link building 

Link building across the website has never been of less importance. Do not just build links and expect to rank high,use traffic driving approaches to your targeted pages. You also need to  make sure that the pages linking to you are relevant and of high-quality. Otherwise, you might notice a sudden drop in rankings or if spammy links link to your website, your website might also become a victim of spam.

Mobile search

Undoubtedly mobile search is gaining momentum as the number of smart phone users is rising with each passing year. In fact in the beginning of 2013, Facebook said that more of their users are now accessing the social network through mobile devices than on desktop. To get better results, develop a mobile version of your website to increase traffic and visibility.

Local SEO

In the edge of mobile data, any business needs to have some form of  local presence. Make sure you optimize local profiles to increase visibility on search engines, ensuring you mentioned proper information such as address, phones, etc.

Anchor texts

 Anchor texts are simply hyperlinked words. Make sure your anchor texts target your preferred keywords and they link to the right pages.

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