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9 useful Apps you need to Know

Whether you recently purchased a new iPod touch or are trying to fully use your current iPod, knowing the variety of applications offered in the Appstore will help you get its full value. There are thousands of applications in the app store for you to use. Below are nine of the most useful applications that provide a variety of features and benefits.

1. Spotify

 An application that gives its users instant access to millions of songs. With the Spotify application, the user can use the free version or the premium version. The free version allows for unlimited radio streaming. Meanwhile, the premium version allows for its users to stream and download song for offline listening. Think of this application as renting music for a minimal monthly subscription.

2. Yelp

 One of the first applications in the app store, Yelp allows its users to find the best of the best in their local small businesses. The Yelp application allows its users to find anything from a nearby restaurant to a nearby spa. This free application will help you make the most out of your iOS device.

3. Shazam 

 Shazam is a simple and useful application. The next time you are at a party or the supermarket and hear a song you like, simply whip out your iPod and Shazam it. Using the Shazam application, you will figure out what song is currently playing, who sings it, and where you can download it.

4. Netflix

 Whether you are on the plane or waiting at the dentists, the Netflix application will let you stream your favorite shows and movies for a small monthly subscription. As of April 2011, Netflix has over 23 million subscribers in the US. If you are one of them, simply download this application and start watching!

5. iTunes U 

 With the rising cost of higher education and the instability in the economy, many of us are fearful of perusing a higher education. With this free application, you will have instant access to over 500,000 lectures, books, and videos. iTunes U makes education free and accessible at your convenience.

6. Gasbuddy - a powerful application that will find you the cheapest gas near you. Gasbuddy also offers rewards for users that report the current gas prices. This little application will go a long way as time goes on. Remember people, A penny saved is a penny earned.

7. Audible 

 Have you been wishing that you had more time to read and enjoy a good story? Well, the Audible application provides its users with the convenience of listening to your favorite books. Audible brings over 100,000 titles to your iPod. This free application will give you the convenience of listening to a great story anywhere.

8. MapQuest 

 Even though the iOS has a preinstalled navigation application, MapQuest takes it a step further. This free application will provide more in-depth navigation to your iPod. On top of the more details, this application also has voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation, which the preinstalled application lacks.

9.  Scan 

 have you been wondering what all of those square codes are printed throughout the city? Those are QR codes and this application will help you scan the code and direct you to the respective content.

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